European Regional Development Fund

GO plc

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Financial Ratios

  • EPS
    € 0.17
  • Earnings growth (5 yr CAGR)
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Financial and Market ratios are based on the results for the period ended 31/12/2017.

GO plc



3.40 Euro



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Market Ratios

  • P/E Ratio
  • Earnings Yield
  • P/E5 Ratio
  • Dividend yield (net)
  • Price/NAV
  • Market Cap. (m)
    € 350.53
  • Avg mthly turnover (m)
    € 0.38
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Why buy?

  • joeborg123 (5 years ago)

    Go offer price?
    Anyone venture what GO is worth now, per share, to a potential bidder? 1 reply
  • James (7 years ago)

    GO approaches 3 year high
    The share price jumped recently. To my knowledge no new information was publishe... 5 replies
  • James (7 years ago)

    Why buy GO?
    What is the upside potential of GO? I can think of the eventual recovery of the ... 0 replies
  • Vincent (8 years ago)

    Excluding the Forthnet issue, GO has been delivering consistent operating result... 4 replies
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Why hold?

  • calvinb (7 years ago)

    Do you think that GO should exercise its pre-emption rights and participate in t... 1 reply
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Why sell?

  • Attard2 (8 years ago)

    GO approaching Jun '12 Highs
    Was there an update on the intention of GO to inject additional capital in Forth... 1 reply
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