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Simonds Farsons Cisk plc

The information below has been provided by the listed company itself.

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc., whose registered office is at The Brewery, Mdina Road, Mriehel, Birkirkara BKR 3000, is a public limited company incorporated and registered under the Commercial Partnerships Ordinance on the 4th September 1965 and operating and domiciled in Malta, having company registration number C113 with an authorised share capital of thirty million euro (€30,000,000) divided into thirty million (30,000,000) ordinary shares of thirty euro cents (€0.30) each, and twenty one million (21,000,000) preference shares of one euro (€1) each and an issued share capital of nine million euro (€9,000,000) divided into thirty million (30,000,000) ordinary shares of thirty euro cents (€0.30) each all of which are fully paid up.

Simonds Farsons Cisk was the first private sector company to list its equity on the Malta Stock Exchange.  Since then, the company’s launch of rights issues, a preference share issue and bond issues were favourably met by the investing public.


Over the years, the Farsons Group has established a solid reputation for quality products and nurtured a growing base of loyal customers. The operations of the Company consist of the brewing, production and sale of beer and branded beverages, offering a strong portfolio to both consumers and trade. Throughout its extensive history SFC has successfully nurtured franchise relationships, expanded in the beverage and on-premise market sector and has invested through its subsidiary companies in areas of business that create synergies with the main elements of its core business. The business of the subsidiary and associated undertakings listed below include the sale of branded beverages, including wines and spirits and the operation of franchised food retailing establishments and property management.

Principal markets

The principal operations are carried out in and from Malta although the exports market offer a potential for future growth.  A number of new markets have already been penetrated with the Company’s own branded beer Cisk and carbonated soft drinks including Kinnie.  Apart from the Italian market, the Company is also present in Canada, United States, Ireland, Portugal and Australia while prospects for business opportunities through the Libyan market is encouraging.

The new brewhouse Project

The new brewhouse investment, inaugurated on 7th September 2012, is the third and final phase of a masterplan which also incorporated a new soft drinks packaging hall and a logistics centre. 

The new plant and building is equipped with energy recovery and building management systems, thermal insulation, rain water collection facilities and solar water heating and encompasses natural ventilation and energy saving lighting.  The brewhouse has been designed to provide the capacity needed for the foreseeable future including the export market and is more efficient and flexible through automation leading to more accurate control of the process parameters and better malt handling facilities. The new investment seeks to ensure an improvement in product quality together with decreased production costs.

The investment in the new brewhouse is releasing a substantial area of prime real estate along Mdina Road, Mriehel used by the current operation. An area of circa 22,000 square meters stretching for half a kilometre along this road will become available for the Group to exploit in the best possible way.

Farsons Group Structure

The Group’s operations consist of four main segments as follows:

Brewing, production and sale of branded beers and beverages segment
The business of brewing, production and sale of beer and branded beverages is the core business of the Group, and comprises the activities of Simonds Farsons Cisk p.l.c., Farsons (Sales Marketing) Limited and EcoPure Limited. Apart from its own range of beers and soft drinks developed in-house, SFC represents international brands such as BudweiserTM, CarlsbergTM, SkolTM, PepsiTM, 7UPTM, MirindaTM, BritvicTM and Like ColaTM, as exclusive packagers for Malta.

Importation, wholesale and retail of food and beverages, including wines & spirits segment
This segment has shown significant growth over the last few years, in particular following the acquisition of the business of Quintano Foods and comprises Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited and Quintano Foods Limited. The Group represents some world-renowned beer brands including BecksTM, GuinnessTM, John SmithTM, and Corona ExtraTM, ciders including StrongbowTM, WoodpeckerTM and BulmersTM together with branded spirits such as CampariTM, Famous GrouseTM,  Ballantine'sTM, Jim BeamTM, Whyte & MackayTM, CointreauTM, DrambuieTM, MolinariTM, Absolut VodkaTM, Remy MartinTM, JagermeisterTM, VladivarTM, PernodTM, BOLSTM, BeefeaterTM, Bombay SapphireTM  and Grey GooseTM together with a large range of Italian, French and new-world wines such as Jacob's CreekTM, RuffinoTM, Robert MondaviTM and BollaTM amongst others.  PerrierTM and VittelTM are also represented through this segment.  The recent consolidation with Pernod Ricard through the representation of the ChivasTM, JamesonTM, GlenlivetTM and MalibuTM brands together with the representation of Red BullTM has further strengthened the number of brands being represented.  Quintano Foods represent the renowned DanoneTM, QuakerTM, WalkersTM, TropicanaTM and TrevalliTM amongst other prestigious brands.

Operation of franchised food retailing establishments segment
The catering business of the Farsons Group comprises the franchise operations conducted through KFCTM, Pizza HutTM and Burger KingTM. These operations are carried out through 11 franchised restaurants.

Property management segment
This segment was established so as to enable the Group to achieve better utilisation of its investment property holdings. Trident Developments Limited and its subsidiary companies own a number of properties that are primarily used within the Group, in particular, the food retailing establishments and the food importation arm.  Other properties are also leased to third parties.