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Mizzi Organisation Finance plc

We created this page so that each company may provide information to investors or potential ones. A summary of the company's operations is provided below until the listed company sets its official profile.

The principal activity of Mizzi Organisation Finance p.l.c. is to carry on the business of a finance and investment company in connection with the ownership, development, operation and financing of the business activities of the companies forming part of the Mizzi Organisation.

The Mizzi Organisation is a conglomerate of companies principally comprising Consolidated Holdings Limited, Kastell Limited, Mizzi Holdings Limited and the General Soft Drinks Company Limited, together with all their respective subsidiaries. These four entities are the guarantors in respect of the 2009 Bond Issue of Mizzi Organisation Finance p.l.c. The Mizzi Organisation also includes Falcon Wines & Spirits Limited and Mizzi Motors Limited, which are an integral component of the Guarantor's beverage and automotive business activities.