European Regional Development Fund

Bank of Valletta plc

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Financial Ratios

  • EPS
    € 0.23
  • NAV/share
    € 1.88
  • Return on Equity
  • Company Growth Rate
  • Return on Equity (5yr avg)
  • Cost of funding
  • Earnings growth (5 yr CAGR)
  • More ratios
Financial and Market ratios are based on the results for the period ended 30/09/2017.

Bank of Valletta plc



1.83 Euro



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Market Ratios

  • P/E Ratio
  • Earnings Yield
  • P/E5 Ratio
  • Dividend yield (net)
  • Price/NAV
  • Market Cap. (m)
    € 960.75
  • Avg mthly turnover (m)
    € 2.16
  • Liquidity indicator
  • YTM / Earnings Yield
  • More ratios

Why buy?

  • bonanno.christian (4 years ago)

    Do you think that near-future rising interest rates would lead to more profit fo... 1 reply
  • lawmif (4 years ago)

    comparing BOV with HSBC
    What would be the best buy today, considering the updated ratios, while neglect... 3 replies
  • lawmif (4 years ago)

    Are there any updates to the above comments to reflect the present situation? th... 2 replies
  • Chris (5 years ago)

    Profitable company selling at a cheap price
    The P/E ratio of BOV now stands at 7.62x. (HSBC & Lombard are both 12.3x). This ... 6 replies
  • James (5 years ago)

    Seems like the upward trend of the BOV share price since the beginning of Oct is... 0 replies
  • George (5 years ago)

    HSBC may be more appealing to the investor because it's dividend yield is higer ... 10 replies
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Why hold?

  • t (5 years ago)

    Any idea what progress has been made by BOV in getting some money from the 'advi... 2 replies
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Why sell?

  • Grech293 (3 years ago)

    Why did the price of BOV go down from €2.5 to €2.2?
    Anyone knows why this decline over the last 2 weeks? 1 reply
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