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KPMG announces offer to buy Crimsonwing

Published on 30/11/2014 by BlackDigits
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Why you should have known that emerging markets are dangerous?

Published on 29/01/2014 by BlackDigits

1. QE depressed yields and Hot Money flew to Emerging Markets - since Emerging Markets paid better rates. Now the momentum of QE is decreasing and the reverse is starting to happen. This is putting and will put enormous pressure on currencies of emer...
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Wall street has high hopes for this year but are they fooling us?

Published on 20/01/2014 by BlackDigits

1. When the general consensus is that stocks should rally then that's when you need to be very careful! 2. Total real return over the last 10 years was 2% - so we should expect similar returns for the next decade (is it sufficient? Not to me!)3....
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I disagree with this CNBC article saying gold this year should rally

Published on 09/01/2014 by BlackDigits

Article URL: The US economy is growing while Europe is stagnated and (ii) borrowing in USD and investing in emerging markets (which happened so far because investors searched for yield elsewhere) will ...
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