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Oil talks end without an agreement. What's the impact on markets?

Published on 17/04/2016 by BlackDigits

Oil prices increased over the past weeks in view of this meeting which although wouldn't have decreased oil supply, the agreement would have at least put a cap on output. All oil producers are pumping at full capacity right now so the agreement would...
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KPMG announces offer to buy Crimsonwing

Published on 30/11/2014 by BlackDigits
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Why you should have known that emerging markets are dangerous?

Published on 29/01/2014 by BlackDigits

1. QE depressed yields and Hot Money flew to Emerging Markets - since Emerging Markets paid better rates. Now the momentum of QE is decreasing and the reverse is starting to happen. This is putting and will put enormous pressure on currencies of emer...
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Wall street has high hopes for this year but are they fooling us?

Published on 20/01/2014 by BlackDigits

1. When the general consensus is that stocks should rally then that's when you need to be very careful! 2. Total real return over the last 10 years was 2% - so we should expect similar returns for the next decade (is it sufficient? Not to me!)3....
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I disagree with this CNBC article saying gold this year should rally

Published on 09/01/2014 by BlackDigits

Article URL: The US economy is growing while Europe is stagnated and (ii) borrowing in USD and investing in emerging markets (which happened so far because investors searched for yield elsewhere) will ...
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Why (don't) wages fall in a recession?

Published on 18/10/2013 by BlackDigits

“Question: Don't wages fall all the time? Answer: Real wages fall all the time, and nominal wages often fall when workers change jobs.  But nominal wages hardly ever fall for a given worker at a given job - even when there's massive excess ...
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Why does a 7.5% growth rate in China mean bad news?

Published on 12/10/2013 by BlackDigits

The growth rate in China is declining but while a 2% growth in Western nations is good news nowadays, a 7.5% growth in China roils the market. Why?Chinese consumers spend only 36% of GDP compared to 50% in most other Asian countries and 70% in t...
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Which country has the largest account surplus? (Hint, it's not China)

Published on 30/08/2013 by BlackDigits

Surprise, surprise - it is not a country which is rich in resources and neither the die hard export-or-you die Japan! Germany has the largest current account surplus (in absolute terms)!!This sheds some light on how fragile the Eurozone is. The US bl...
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China following Japan's footsteps?

Published on 28/07/2013 by Chris Grech

According to CBNC (, the China State Council ordered an audit of the books of government agencies/ local governments.To prop itself out of recession in 2008, China rolled out a stimulus programme 3 times larger than U...
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Apple is losing market share. Buy Samsung instead? No?

Published on 26/07/2013 by BlackDigits

Samsung has gained market share but it will never be the new Apple – even if Apple goes bust. iPhones and iPads are sexy but the real value of Apple is not limited to the appeal of its products. Apple customers are hooked to its ecosystem –...
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The Japanese Trap

Published on 20/05/2013 by BlackDigits

Published on the Money Magazine - May 2013 editionThe Japanese population has been living in a state of stagnation since their bubble burst on New Year’s Day way back in 1990. Japan is now cursed with sluggishness, deflation and a burgeoning gover...
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7 Tips before you start investing

Published on 25/04/2013 by BlackDigits

Published on the People perceive stocks as risky because share prices are volatile. The real risk however lies within you – your greed is your worst enemy!Stocks are sexy because they present you an opportunity to gamble your way t...
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The big apple takes a bite

Published on 08/04/2013 by BlackDigits

Published on the Money Magazine - March 2013 editionApple's share price has made whopping gains, but its stock value has plummeted. What is shaking the tree?Last year, Apple Inc. surpassed ExxonMobil Corporation to become the world's largest company ...
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What about other Eurozone government bonds?

Published on 09/03/2013 by BlackDigits

Published on the Times of MaltaNothing comes for free and investments are not an exception. An investor exposes himself to risk in return for a reward, which usually comes in the form of a dividend, a coupon or a capital gain. The relationship bet...
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Should you reinvest your dividend?

Published on 01/03/2013 by BlackDigits

Published on the Times of Malta Ever wondered whether you should reinvest your dividends? Or were you ever at a loss between choosing to receive cash or new shares when a scrip dividend is offered? According to a study carried out by Profess...
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The European Union under pressure will morph into a federal state?

Published on 29/01/2013 by BlackDigits

Published on the MONEY magazine - November 2012 issue Massive deficits and political discord threaten the economies of Europe and the US. Both economies are suffering from severe consumer retrenchment and mushrooming government debt levels. The gen...
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Did the local listed market deleverage?

Published on 29/01/2013 by BlackDigits

Published on the MONEY magazine - January 2013 issueIn an earlier market report we analysed the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) Index and concluded that its decline between 2006 and 2011 was mainly driven by lower profits. The credit crisis and a few o...
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Facebook – an IPO gone bad?

Published on 30/09/2012 by BlackDigits

Published on the Times of MaltaFacebook is one of the largest companies to go public. It has more unique visitors than any other website and its total pages are viewed about 10 times the size of its next closest competitor. Not buying Facebook seemed...
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Unwinding the complexities of financial data

Published on 29/09/2012 by BlackDigits

Published on the Accountant - Summer Issuer 2012A financial website dedicated to the local listed market and an analysis of Banks’ exposure to the local property marketBy: Calvin Bartolo and Chris GrechINTRODUCTIONInvesting is not easy but it’s ...
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LIBOR: a primer to understand the scandal better

Published on 24/09/2012 by BlackDigits

Published on the MONEY magazine - September 2012 issueLIBOR stands for the London InterBank Offered Rate and it is an indication of the rate at which a leading bank can obtain unsecured funding in the London interbank market. Even though only banks a...
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